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Anmeldelse af Nokia Lumia 800 (TheVerge)

Anmeldelse af Nokia Lumia 800 (TheVerge)

| 5. november 2011 | 6 Comments

The Verge har lavet en meget lang og meget detaljeret anmeldelse af Nokia Lumia 800.

Konklusionen lyder:

The Lumia 800 is exactly what it looked like when it was first announced at Nokia World: it is an N9 running Windows Phone. Ironically, in moving from the wildly imaginative Harmattan to the more straight-laced Windows Phone OS, this smartphone has undergone the reverse of the transition Stephen Elop wants to see Nokia make. He wants the company to stop being known for unexciting reliability and to start inspiring greater emotional attachment in its users. The N9 was that irrationally loved device, and no matter how hard the Lumia 800 tries, it simply isn’t as thrilling. For anyone still stuck on one of Nokia’s Symbian devices, the 800 is an obvious upgrade. It lacks the N8’s superb camera, but otherwise it easily trumps anything and everything in the company’s recent portfolio. Windows Phone provides a modern and attractive user interface and the Lumia 800’s hardware maintains Nokia’s reputation for attention to detail and insistence on high build quality. The picture is less clear for those considering alternative Windows Phones, as the Lumia 800 actually falls behind by not including a front-facing camera or mobile hotspot capabilities. Choosing your favorite there will depend on how much you love the Lumia 800’s sterling physical design and how much faith you place in Nokia’s ability to execute on its ambitious plans for software differentiation. The Lumia 800 has the potential to be great, but today it’s merely good.

Læs hele anmeldelsen her


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  1. Og her en anmeldelse af Nokia 800 hvor den får 4.5 ud af 5 stjerner:


  2. Mads siger:

    Tak for tippet Peter, laver nok lige to indlæg med de anmeldelser der også så folk ser dem :)

  3. Peter siger:

    God ide Mads ;)

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