Farvel “Windows Live konto” – velkommen “Microsoft account”

| 3. maj 2012 | 2 Comments

Microsoft vil droppe “Windows Live” navnet og i stedet bruge “Microsoft account” to tværs af deres services.

Microsoft’s “Windows Live” branding has come to encompass a wide variety of software and services since it was introduced back in 2005, but it seems the company is taking advantage of the Windows 8 launch to clean things up, just as we heard a few months ago. Much as the WIndows Live account provided a master identify for Live users and allowed then to sync their information across Windows software services and Windows Phone, a “Microsoft account” will now be the key identity for Windows users. From there, users can connect devices (like a Windows 8 computer or Windows Phone) and services (like SkyDrive and Messanger) to that account.



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  1. Lasse I. siger:

    Spændende om de kun ændrer navnet, eller om de får ændret således man kan skifte land. Kunne være fedt at komme på dk markedplace :-)

  2. Mads siger:

    Ja lad os håbe det er mere en “streamlining” af idéen med én konto to rule them all, end at de bare ændre branded/navnet.
    Jeg tror dog der er mere i det end bare at ændre navnet.

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