Den ultimative Windows 8 samling af tips og tricks

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MadsM har fundet en fantastisk samling af tips af tricks, som han har delt i forummet.

Millions of people will be trying Windows 8 for the first time this year and many will be confused by the new user experiences, which meld the classic Windows desktop with a new touch-centric mobile platform. No worries: I’ve collected several months of Windows 8 tips—over 50 in all—into a single place where can go to find what you need and master Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Note: With only a few exceptions, these tips also apply to Windows RT.

Note: I’ll be updating this article as new tips are added to the series.

Samlingen er lavet af Paul Thurrott og kan findes her


Tak til MadsM for tippet.

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  1. Kwstas siger:

    I have the Motorola Droid and I can tell you that it is no killer. It’s one step above a Microsoft phone and a ftatnsaic attempt to make things new and better, but it falls short. It launches applications on it’s own. It seems to have a poor touch recognition. Overall, no killer. Think of it this way: it’s like owning a Ferrari that is always in the shop.

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